Tryouts Are Here! Now What?

We're excited that you are considering Team Metroplex as your club volleyball home! The club volleyball world can be intimidating if you're just starting this journey. If you're a veteran to the club volleyball scene, tryouts can still be confusing and nerve-wracking. But tryouts should be fun too! At the foundational level, we want you to be trying out for Team Metroplex Volleyball because you love the sport!

How do you make your tryouts successful?

1) Enjoy yourself! You'll play your best volleyball if you're relaxed and having fun.

2) Wear something that makes you stand out. There will be lots of players, so making yourself seen is helpful.

3) Think about non-volleyball aspects of your game. We will learn more about you by how you treat your teammates, your hustle, the way you respect and talk to the coaches, and how you interact with your parents, than we will from watching you play volleyball.

4) Attend our clinics. The more we see you before tryouts, the better! 

5) Be at peace with making mistakes. Volleyball is a game of making lots of mistakes so that you can get it right. Don't try to make everything perfect in your game. Be willing to try something "risky", even if it means making a mistake. Our coaches are incredibly talented and able to see the athleticism and intellect behind the mistakes.

We look forward to meeting you and watching you play! If you have any questions leading up to tryouts, feel free to reach out at

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